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Home / Personal Defense:

Your home is your castle, no matter what you spent on it.  Its YOURS!  Its where you establish a safe environment for you and your loved ones.  No one has a right to violate that.


However, we challenge you to go one week, let alone one day when you cant find news of a home invasion or assault on someones personal castle.  


You will learn the techniques and options that will work SPECIFICALLY for YOUR home and FAMILY to protect you and yours from harm.


Our unique program will far outperform any other investment you can make in home security.  Let us prove it with a FREE consult either over the phone or in person. 


Look over the plans here and find one that is of interest to YOUR current or future needs.  We will provide a free consult and find that perfect training plan or plans to suit you.


Invest with confidence in YOURSELF.  We provide the commodity of PERSONAL security that YOU control.   

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