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For the ones you love

This course will give you and your family the tools to have an Up-Armored household while you are away.  Perfect follow up program for the Home Shield Package especially for those busy executives that spend time away from the home. After all, defending yourself is one thing, but defending your loved ones is why we do this in the first place.

4 Hour Block

  • Learn the concepts to teach your loved ones to be Up-Armored

  • Juvenile Home Alone

  • Full-time Home Maker Defensive considerations

6 Hour Block - 4 hr block plus: 

  • Family wide weapons familiarization

  • Firearm Safety

  • Last Ditch gun fighting for novices

8 Hour Block - 4 and 6 hr blocks plus: 

  • Scenario Based training using Airsoft® or equivalent (3)

  • Mindset for the reluctant combatant

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