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Armored Traveler

This program will prepare you for the challenges you face while traveling away from your comfort zone.  Whether you are a seasoned traveler or simply looking to get Up-Armored before an upcoming trip, this is an opportunity to become confident in your surroundings wherever you end up.


4 Hour Block

  • Basic vehicle defensive considerations

  • Hotel / Lodging considerations

  • Room hardening

  • Escape route concepts

  • Intruder defense


6 Hour Block - 4 hr block plus: 

  • Advanced vehicular defensive considerations

  • Defensive concepts as driver, passenger or otherwise occupant

  • Scenario based training using Airsoft® or equivalent (2 Hotel room and 2 vehicle)


8 Hour Block - 4 and 6 hr blocks plus: 

  • Aviation domain safety considerations

  • In-flight attack / disruptive passenger resolution

  • 2 additional vehicle scenarios using Airsoft® or equivalent


Note:  This course can be modified based on your needs giving you the flexibility to create a customized plan of action depending on your travel habits.

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